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Yorkville, IL Wedding Photography | Tyler & Liz

Liz and Tyler were married back at the end of August, and while the weather was gloomy and rainy, it did not put a stop to them enjoying every single bit of their day.
yorkville_IL_wedding_photography002.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography031.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography003.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography006.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography007.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography008.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography004.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography005.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography010.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography011.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography012.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography013.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography014.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography015.jpg Marrrrrrried!!yorkville_IL_wedding_photography016.jpgWhen I first met with Liz about her wedding, she described the feel she was going for as “elegant glamour.” The girls were just stunning! yorkville_IL_wedding_photography018.jpgAnd the guys…well, they were guys. 😉yorkville_IL_wedding_photography021.jpgyorkville_IL_wedding_photography019.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography020.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography023.jpgLiz, you are breathtakingly gorgeous. (Sidenote: Liz’s dress has a slight rose color to it. It was perfection.)yorkville_IL_wedding_photography017.jpgTyler, killing it at the whole James Bond thing.
yorkville_IL_wedding_photography022.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography026.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography024.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography025.jpg

yorkville_wedding_photography_0029 yorkville_IL_wedding_photography027.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography029.jpgyorkville_IL_wedding_photography030.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography001.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography032.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography033.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography034.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography035.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography036.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography037.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography038.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography039.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography040.jpg The dance floor was insane!yorkville_IL_wedding_photography041.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography042.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography043.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography044.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography045.jpg yorkville_IL_wedding_photography046.jpg

Congrats again, you two!! Blessings!!

Hair: Carly Williams, Linda Gengler & Staci Leedy
Makeup: Jeni Butler
Florist: Nancy Christian, Redbud Creek Farm
Dress: Essense of Australia from Wolsfelt’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Badgley Mischka from Rent the Runway
Tuxes: American Male & Co.
Ceremony: Saint Anne Catholic Church, Oswego, IL
Reception: Whitetail Ridge Golf Club, Yorkville, IL
Cake: Ginger & Soul
DJ: Andy Fuzak, A Class Act DJ Service
Videographer: Al Benoit, Red Cap Productions
Transportation: Emperor Limousine

Favorite memory from their day:
Liz: Going out on the golf course with my new husband for pictures. It was just the two of us (with the photographers). Everything seemed so calm & quiet with the misty rain. It was so peaceful to have that moment before the reception started.
Tyler: Watching my bride walk down the aisle & seeing the dance floor packed all night long!

What they would have done differently:
Liz: If I could have controlled the weather–I would have arranged for some more sunshine. Other than that, absolutely nothing. Everything that happened is what made it our wedding. I would never want to change that.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms:
Liz: Enjoy the planning process. I loved how much time I spent with my mom, sister, and bridesmaids before the wedding. Those are moments and memories I will never forget. It was a very hectic and stressful time in my life, but they were there to keep me sane. Also, take a moment during all the craziness and think about every person surrounding you through the planning and actual wedding day. Those people are there simply because they love you and support you, how wonderful is that?
Tyler: Don’t try to be cheap with the wedding. If there’s something you want, get it! It only happens once.

Where they honeymooned:
We stayed at Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was perfect!

Final Reflections:
So many people told us to make sure we really took in everything that was happening that day, which is hard to do! On several occasions, we stopped and looked around. The dance floor was one of our most favorite moments to watch. Our dance floor was bursting with so many friends and family members laughing, singing and dancing their hearts out! All the tears and stress leading up to the wedding day were worth it. It meant so much to see everyone we love enjoying themselves! We are so thankful for everyone who showed up and made it as perfect as it was. We still can’t stop smiling when we think of our most amazing day!

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Shabbona Lake State Park Senior Photography | Ryan

I had a wonderful time exploring Shabbona Lake State Park with Ryan last month! He’s a senior at Indian Creek High School and will be graduating this Spring! dekalb_senior_photography_0001.jpg
Ryan love basketball, so it only made sense to include a ball in his photos. dekalb_senior_photography_0007.jpg
dekalb_senior_photography_0008.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0009.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0010.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0011.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0012.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0013.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0014.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0015.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0016.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0017.jpg

Have a great senior year, Ryan!!

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Chicago, IL Wedding Photography | Mike & Nicole

I’m a HUGE fan of Mike and Nicole. I’d never met them before their wedding, but I had talked with Nicole so many times leading up to the wedding that when I walked into her hotel room I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. M&N were both so warm and welcoming and it was a real pleasure to be a part of their day!
chicago_wedding_photography_0007.jpg chicago_wedding_photography_0003.jpg chicago_wedding_photography_0004.jpg
We found a nice secluded spot inside the W for their first look.
Then we grabbed the wedding party and traveled around for some iconic Chicago images.
After that it was time to head to South Branch to get our wedding on. (P.S. Check out my Instagram for another view of this location!)chicago_wedding_photography_0038
Their daughter, Addie, was sooooo stinkin’ cute!! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I simply could not get enough of her! ❤
Oh, hi there, Chelsea and Ryan. 😉
The guys planned a little Top Gun serenade…

Congrats again, my friends!! So happy for you and your sweet family! 😀

Hair: Mollie Crutchfield
Makeup: Marguerite Preston
Florist: Catherine’s Gardens
Dress: Mikaella Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: black dresses chosen by individual bridesmaids
Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Ceremony site: South Branch
Reception Venue: South Branch
Caterer: South Branch
Cake: Whole Foods
DJ: Style Matters

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Having all our family and friends with us. We definitely felt the love! One thing that stood out was our daughter being pulled down the aisle in a wagon with a sign that read, “Daddy here comes Mommy”. And she waved to the crowd at the very end! :))

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Not really, I was so happy once the day arrived that I really tried to live in the moment and not worry about any last minute hiccups.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
I really took to heart the advice of other newlyweds- to take some moments for just the two of you to soak in the day and we did just that! Several times.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We had a staycation in our wonderful city of Chicago 🙂

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
It was better than I could have ever imagined. I experienced a sense of excitement and nerves before the “First Look” and then once I saw my husband for the first time, I had this overwhelming sense of calm. It was really neat.

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Morton Arboretum Wedding | Jason & Katie

Jason and Katie were married on a perfect day back in July. Their ceremony was sweet and intimate and fully encapsulated who they are.
morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0054.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0056.jpg Katie designed all of the paper things: invitations, programs, etc. They were so pretty!!morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0057.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0055.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0059.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0052.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0060.jpg And here’s Jason killing it at being dapper.morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0058.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0051.jpg We set up a little First Look for Katie and her dad. It was such a special (and teary!) moment. morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0061.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0062.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0063.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0064.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0065.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0066.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0067.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0068.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0069.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0070.jpg Sometimes you show up at a wedding and feel like you’ve known a bride for years. That’s how it was with Katie. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out. ❤
morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0077.jpg Katie’s mom put together all of the floral arrangements! So much talent in that family!morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0071.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0072.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0073.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0074.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0075.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0076.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0078.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0079.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0080.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0081.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0082.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0098.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0084.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0085.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0086.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0087.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0088.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0089.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0090.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0091.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0092.jpgmorton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0083.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0093.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0094.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0095.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0053.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0096.jpg morton_arboretum_wedding_photography_0097.jpg

Congrats again, you two! Love and blessings!

Hair: Jesten Myers, friend of the bride and groom
Makeup: Bride
Florist: Jacquie Young, bride’s mother
Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Weddington Way, we provided the jewelry as a bridal party gift
Tuxes: Groomsmen wore their own black suits; we provided their ties as a bridal party gift
Ceremony site: The Morton Arboretum, Sycamore Room patio
Reception Venue: The Morton Arboretum, Sycamore Room
Caterer: Ginkgo Catering at The Morton Arboretum
Cake: Whole Foods Market
DJ: Just Press Play
Signage & Stationary: Designed and made by the bride

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Jason: When we got to kiss and be introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Fox!
Katie: It’s hard to pick just one. Favorites are seeing Jason for the first time that morning for first look photos and walking down the aisle to him with our closest family and friends looking on.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
I wish I wouldn’t have stressed so much about the music playlists. We hired a company that set up the sound system so we just had to plug in iPods with playlists. I was so worried the music wouldn’t be liked but in the end, no one seemed to pay attention as it was just in the background as everyone chatted.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
Jason: Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Katie: I totally agree with Jason. Pick what’s most important to you and just go with the flow on the rest of it. Organization along the way while planning does pay off though. 🙂 Being on top of details and communicating those details clearly to our family and friends who were helping that day allowed me to minimize stressful decision making the day-of so I could just enjoy it!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We did a week-long west coast tour of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. We love exploring new places!

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
We did exactly what was perfect for us. We kept it small (about 55 people) and had it in the morning with brunch following. It was beautiful and perfect for us, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share our marriage celebration with our family and friends!

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Blumen Gardens Wedding Photography | John & Jacqueline

This wedding rocked my face off. John and Jackie are a great couple and it was a joy to be a part of their day!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0030.jpg
John is one of the most sentimental grooms I’ve had the opportunity to work with. His wedding gift to Jackie were diamond earrings that he meant to be her something old AND something new. Here’s the story in Jackie’s words:

“John’s mom, Michelle, had two older sisters that passed away when she was very young.  One of her sister’s gave her wedding ring to Michelle, and she gave it to John.  John decided to use the diamond from the ring to make a pair of earrings, one old and one new.  He returned the ring setting to his mom who wears it with a new stone and he chose a similar setting design when selecting my ring.”blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0012.jpg
Another beautiful touch to this wedding: John’s mom made his and his brother’s (the Best Man) vests! AND to add another layer of awesome, the fabric for John’s vest is from Ireland and was produced in a fabric mill owned by John’s dad’s family. Pretty cool, huh?blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0001.jpgI’m in LOVE with Jackie’s dress, and she looked stunning in it!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0016.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0018.jpg

There’s not a single bad place to shoot at around Blumen Gardens. blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0019.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0020.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0021.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0022.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0023.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0024.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0025.jpgYa’ll know I love me some ivy. blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0003.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0004.jpg I’m really diggin’ the mismatched dress thing these days! These girls were just so lovely in their lace.blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0026.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0027.jpg The dapper gents. blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0028.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0029.jpg Time to get married!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0031.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0032.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0033.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0034.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0035.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0036.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0037.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0038.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0039.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0040.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0041.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0042.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0043.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0044.jpgThe reception was a loooooot of fun!
blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0045.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0046.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0047.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0048.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0049.jpg blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_0050.jpg

Congrats again, you two! Blessings!

Hair and Makeup: Bride did her own hair and makeup. Eyelash application by Key Makeup & Hair Artistry.
Florist: Flowers purchased from Kar-Fre Flowers
Dress: Here Comes the Bride
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Macys, Windsor, etc.
Tuxes: Vests from Men’s Warehouse or Handmade
Ceremony site: Blumen Gardens
Reception Venue: Blumen Gardens
Caterer: Country Store & Catering
Cake: Elleson’s Bakery
Band: Clutch Cargo
Liquor/Bartenders: Lundeen’s Liquor
Shuttle: Spare Wheels

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Jackie: The first look session. It was so great to have a few minutes for just John and I. I really got to see the love in his eyes without all the distraction from everyone else. It made the rest of the day go so much easier.
John: The first look session.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Jackie: I would have announced at the end of the ceremony for the family to stick around for pictures. I may have purchase more alcohol as well, we ran out so quickly. But honestly these are such minuscule changes the day went beyond amazing!
: The family photos needed more organization and people could have used more direction.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
Jackie: Over cushion your budget and your time allotments. Make sure you have a long talk in the beginning about what you both want out of the day so that other items don’t take precedence, especially if the push is coming from someone other than your significant other.
: Let loose and enjoy the day, the planning is over!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Valentine Imperial Maya on Rivera Maya. An adult only resort, so extravagant… amazing food, premium liquor, everything!

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
Jackie: Roll with the punches. It is impossible to plan a seamless day, enjoy the kinks as they come up and trust everyone when they say you will laugh about them later.

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Genoa, IL Family Photography | Andy, Sarah, Adyson, & Jackson

It doesn’t get more summery than a family session on a farm!!genoa_IL_family_photography_0006.jpg
We couldn’t have asked for better weather, or better light. genoa_IL_family_photography_0009.jpg
Loooove this next group of images! genoa_IL_family_photography_0012.jpg
I love photographing kids being kids! genoa_IL_family_photography_0021.jpg
Sarah, your smile is the cutest!!genoa_IL_family_photography_0025.jpg

Love and blessings you guys!!

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