>Seniors : Bethany


Bethany is a senior at Hempstead High School in Dubuque, IA. I’m in Dubuque pretty regularly since my best friend/sis-in-law lives out there, which is how I met Bethany many, many years ago. Bethany told her mom this summer that she didn’t want the same senior pics as everyone else, so I was seriously honored when she got in touch with me!
We started out at the Star Brewery right on the Mississippi River and wandered around there for a bit.

I was in love with these stairs.
Next we moved a little further into downtown Dubuque.
We finished the session off by heading out the the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful there!!
I had an awesome time with you, Bethany! Good luck on your final year of High School!! 🙂 🙂
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  1. pejnolan says:

    >Chrissy. I love how you capture personalities rather than just faces. I'm interested in having you do my son's Senior portraits. Might you be available? Please contact me via email: pejnolan (at) frontier (dot) comThanks!Erin Nolan

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