>Kids : The Diedrichs Part I


When the Diedrich’s van pulled up to the Ellwood House, I walked over expecting the usual: shy kids hiding quietly behind mom and dad while I tried to introduce myself to them. What happened, however, was quite the opposite. They came straight over to me and began interacting as if we had known each other forever! Talk about making my job easy! All I had to do was follow them around and start clicking away! Ranging from 1-8 years, Landen, Nathan, Aubrey, Izaak, and Addyson are INSANELY fun and so, so adorable! Unfortunately for all of us, the mosquitoes were on a rampage, and after 20 minutes, we ended up calling it quits for the sake of our lives and rescheduling the rest of the session for a later date (next week, in fact!). We were still able to get some great stuff in that short amount of time, however, and I’m really looking forward to seeing these kids again to pick up where we left off!
From left to right: Landen, Izaak, Nathan, Aubrey, and Addyson.

The ivy there is out of control! In a good way. 🙂
This was hilarious! I suggested a race to them and they were totally on board. They even asked if they could do it 3 more times!!
Landen is just too cute for words!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check back in a couple of weeks to see Part II of these sweet kiddos!
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