>Silly Photo Contest Photos!!!


Time to vote for your favorite picture!!  You have 2 ways to vote:
1.  “Like” your favorite photo on Facebook (you’ll have to like the page in order to like a photo).  ***
2.  Leave a comment in the comment section of this post with the name and number of the picture you want to vote for.  Because you can only vote once with a comment here on the blog, I have to ask that you leave you do not leave an “Anonymous” comment, but please fill out your name.  I will not be approving any Anonymous comments, so if you are a contestant, please let your friends and family know!! Honor system here!  I’d like to keep this as fair for everyone as possible!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚  ***
If you submitted a photo, you can vote for your own. πŸ™‚  The photo with the most votes will win a free 1-2 hours portrait session AND a disc with 30-40 images and printing rights.  Voting will go until Friday, March 11th, and the winner will be posted on Monday, March 14th!  The rules and extra details can be found here.  
***Yes, you can like more than one picture on Facebook.  Only one vote here on the blog, though, since that’s more difficult for me to moderate. πŸ™‚

Here they are (posted in the order they were submitted)!!  Happy voting and good luck to everyone!!!!
#1. Kerri (Daughter Macy)
#2. Lisa (Daughter Ava)
#3. Carolyn (Daughter Alyssa)
#4.  Joni (Husband Jason and son Brock)
#5.  Kristin (Son Landen)
#6.  Jenni (Son Finn)
#7.  Amy (Her and her boyfriend Drew)
#8.  Allegra (Husband Trevor and daughter Evelyn)
#9.  Erica (Daughter Isabelle)
#10.  Sandy (Daughter Bella)
#11.  Ruth (Granddaughter Katie)
#12.  Sydney (Daughter Riley)
#13.  Heather (Daughter Katie)
#14.  Jennifer (Daughter Emerald and son Logan)
#15.  Jenny (Daughter Brea)
#16.  Kim (Husband Greg)
#17.  Hannah (Dog Rufus)
#18.  Alicia (Son Jakob)
#19.  Dacia (Son Dominic)
#20.  Gladys (Daughter Brianna)
#21.  Jenni (Daughter Kayley)
#22.  Kellie (With niece Brinkli, and sons Riley and Mason)
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213 Responses to >Silly Photo Contest Photos!!!

  1. Amy Lynn says:

    >Voting for my own of course!#7. Amy (Her and her boyfriend Drew)

  2. >Voting for #19 Dacia and son, Dominic

  3. >Voting for #15 my daughter Brea!

  4. SHELLYL says:

    >7. Amy (Her and her boyfriend Drew)

  5. >#17 Rufus–HannahThis Rufus last Easter..mid yawn…really he wouldn't hurt a soul πŸ™‚

  6. Sydney says:

    >Voting for #12 Thanks, Sydney

  7. Chariot says:

    >I vote for #9 – Isabelle!!!!! the best Isabelle picture in the UNIVERSE!!

  8. Kerri says:

    >Gotta vote for my princess Macy!!! #1

  9. laura says:

    >I vote for #12-Laura

  10. Jenni says:

    >I'm voting for #21 – Jenni and Kayley

  11. Kirsten says:

    >so many silly photos all of them awesome! voting for #17 (sorry to all the people I went to high school with) i find that dog with ears to be hilarious!

  12. Beth Ann says:

    >Voting for #1 Macy!

  13. >#1. Kerri (Daughter Macy)

  14. Michelle says:

    >I vote #1. Wearin' a necklass at bath time! Cute!

  15. AJ Keller says:

    >voting for my little guy Finn #6!

  16. Jenni Keller says:

    >voting for Finn #6

  17. Anonymous says:

    >#4, Jason and Brock gets my vote though these all made me laugh!!! πŸ™‚ -Joni

  18. kristin says:

    >Voting for #5! My son, Landen!

  19. Meghan says:

    >I vote for #9 (Erica). Her daughter is such a cutie and I love her in that pink shirt!!

  20. Katie Mertes says:

    >Voting for Finn!!!! What a cute little reindeer!

  21. Joey says:

    >Voting for #1, Macy

  22. Amy says:

    >I cast my vote for #19–Dominic and Dacia. So many to choose from!

  23. Katie says:

    >#4 Brock and Jason!!! Cracks me up! πŸ˜‰

  24. Kayli says:

    >#5 Kristin's son Landen

  25. Kristin says:

    >Kristin S-Vote for #9!!

  26. jen says:

    >#14 Emerald & Logan

  27. Bonnie Mc says:

    >voting for #4 Jason & Brock

  28. kmf says:

    >I have to vote my sweet Macy, #1

  29. dwayne says:

    >I have to vote for my niece & nephew or my sister will disown me! #14 Emerald & Logan

  30. Carol Kohl says:

    >Carol says, #13, Heather's daughter Katie

  31. David says:

    >#4 brock and jason

  32. Becky W says:

    >I vote for #16 – Kim and Greg! :)~ Becky

  33. Derek says:


  34. Brinks mom says:

    >I totally vote for #22

  35. Jason says:

    >My vote is for #4, Jason and Brock. Those guys are too cute!

  36. Tabitha says:

    >#4 jason and brock has my vote!

  37. Anonymous says:

    >I am voting for Brock and Jason. Love it πŸ™‚ Julia

  38. Kristen says:

    >#6. Jenni (Son Finn)!

  39. Victoria says:

    >16!! That is def a Greg pic!!

  40. stephanie says:

    >#4. Joni (Husband Jason and son Brock)

  41. Lisa says:

    >Voting For #2 "Ava"

  42. >Voting for the cutest boy in the world! #5 Landen!

  43. Amy says:

    >I vote for #6

  44. jules says:

    >Julia De Lacy voting for #15 Brea

  45. Allison says:

    >Great pictures! Gotta vote for my niece Katie #13.

  46. TwoBoysMom says:

    >I love #6, Jenni's son Finn (little reindeer man) ;D~kim almas

  47. robert says:

    >voting for #15. my bre bre.

  48. Quentin says:

    >My vote is for Jakob #18

  49. Christine says:

    >I vote for #4 Brock and Jason.

  50. Sara says:

    >I'm voting for #4, Jason and Brock!! Go Monsi!!

  51. Beth says:

    >My vote is with 18: Jakob

  52. Diane Fugitt says:

    >Voting for #4 Jason and Brock. Such a great pic!

  53. >I'm voting for #6! Finn baby all the way!!

  54. Matthew says:

    >My sister MAcy #1

  55. ruth says:

    >voting for #13 – Katie with the purple glasses, Heather's daughter.

  56. Adam says:

    >Adam MVote for #9

  57. >#15. Jenny (Daughter Brea)Adorable and smiley!

  58. Pbody says:

    >#4 Jason & Brock.

  59. Miss Melinda says:

    >My vote is for my adorable nephew Landen, #5. – Melinda

  60. >I vote for #16 Kim/Greg picture. It's hilarious!

  61. Heather says:

    >Voting for Finn #6

  62. Raina says:

    >#13 – Katie! What a cutie!

  63. Lara Burau says:

    >add one vote for Kim's Husband, Greg (#16). We love you Greg!!!

  64. Amy says:

    >AmyVoting for Macy my niece #1

  65. Sandy Logan says:

    >I am voting for the best dog ever…#17 Rufus ❀

  66. Michael says:

    >Vote for Macy #1

  67. Ron says:

    >Vote for my princess #1 Macy

  68. Amanda says:

    >I vote #1 Macy

  69. Amy says:

    >Voting for Finn (#6)!

  70. Sarah says:

    >I vote for #1, Macy!

  71. >#1 Kerri and daughter Maci!

  72. >voting for #5, little landen Brian D

  73. Kurt says:

    >#14 Emerald and Logan

  74. trisha says:

    >I voite for # 4!!!

  75. Mandy says:

    >#1. Kerri (Daughter Macy)

  76. Anonymous says:

    >Voting for #13 Katie! ~Heather Krupa

  77. DiZneDiVa says:

    >I vote for Kerri's daughter Macy… #1, Thanx.

  78. Cindy says:

    >I vote for Heathers daughter Katie #11

  79. Lori D says:

    ># 5 Truly silly and cute!

  80. The Palette says:

    >Jakob is one silly boy, vote for #18

  81. >I am voting for #15 Brea:)

  82. Hallie M says:

    >Macy #1 (Kerri's daughter)

  83. ATS says:

    >What a silly face!voting for #9

  84. Ina says:

    >Voting for # 1, my great grandaughter Macy.

  85. Pam says:

    >#14 My niece and nephew are adorable!!!

  86. Kate says:

    >I vote for my nephew, Brock and brother-in-law, Jason, #4. Thank you!

  87. Anonymous says:

    >#4 Jason and Brock get the vote. Tim Ward

  88. >Voting for #7 – my amazing friend Amy and her boyfriend Drew!So much work went into his costume, I would love to see them win!!

  89. Lisa D says:

    >My vote is for #1, my grandaughter!

  90. Brian D says:

    >Vote for #1, Macy. My grandaughter.

  91. >I'm voting for #15. Jenny (Daughter Brea).A face full of joy!

  92. James says:

    >I like #15. Jenny (Daughter Brea)

  93. Stephanie says:

    >#1 voting for Kerri's photo!

  94. >Vote for #6. SO CUTE!

  95. Kirsten A says:

    >Totally voting for Finn (#6)!!

  96. Becky says:

    >I vote #1!! Go Macers!!

  97. Mike says:

    >1# Macy (Kerri's Daughter)

  98. Nathan D. says:

    >Voting for #5, Landen!!!

  99. Meredith says:

    >I vote for Macy #1!!!! YAY MACY!!!

  100. Brian says:

    >#1 Macy because she is number 1!

  101. Chloe G. says:

    >#1 Macy You Rock Girl!!!!

  102. Aubrey D says:

    >My little brother Landen, #5

  103. Izaak S. says:

    >My Little brother Landen #5!

  104. Emily says:

    >number 15 Jenny (Brea)

  105. >I vote for #12,thanks! Sarah

  106. Terry Hickey says:

    >#15 my grand daughter Brea -Terry Hickey

  107. Carrie says:

    >Voting for #15, Brea! She is the silliest girl! πŸ™‚

  108. Tori Fair says:

    >#15 Jenny (Brea)

  109. >Voting for #15 Jenny (and Brea)

  110. Steve A says:

    >My vote is for Macy #1

  111. Kristina says:

    >I love Riley's photo #12!!!

  112. Sarah says:

    >I vote for #12 Riley and the scary monster!

  113. Sydney says:

    >NUMBER 12 is sooooo adorable! Jenny Guio

  114. Nancy says:

    >#21 – Jenni (Kayley) Kayley, you are so silly!

  115. >Jenny (daughter Brea) rocks!

  116. Anonymous says:

    >My grand daughter #12Oma Jill

  117. Sydney says:

    >#12–My baby cousin Ry– Aidan Potts

  118. >#15 Brea – Grandma Peggy

  119. Dan Turner says:

    >voting for Jenny and Brea #15

  120. Shelly says:

    >I vote for Riley, photo #12

  121. Mike S says:

    >Kerri's Daughter (Macy) #1

  122. Sheila A says:

    >Macy #1, so silly

  123. >#15. Jenny (Daughter Brea)Of COURSE!!! Good luck Brea πŸ™‚

  124. Kriston says:

    >I'm voting for #18 jakob

  125. Mike says:

    >Jakob Rocks! #18

  126. Hard at work says:

    >Love my Grandson, Jakob: #18

  127. Keith says:

    >Gotta vote Jakob all the way! #18

  128. sarah says:

    >Voting for #12, Miss Riley πŸ™‚

  129. >#5 Kristin's picture of Landen

  130. Milan S says:

    >Little Landen (#5)

  131. Bob Diedrich says:

    >I'm voting for my grandson Landen. Grandpa Bob

  132. Kay Diedrich says:

    >My cute, silly grandson Landen

  133. Anonymous says:

    >Voting for Number 12 Riley- Love Meredith G.

  134. Kara says:

    >I vote for #12, thanks-julie

  135. Kara says:

    >i vote for #12. thanks-jon

  136. Anonymous says:

    >Voting for my cousin Riley #12–Audrey G.

  137. Panagiotis says:

    >Hi my name is Jenny and I am voting for #12 Sydney and Riley

  138. Kathy says:

    >#12 Sydney (daughter Riley)–It's great!

  139. lea menning says:

    >Voting for photo #12….Riley!Thanks! Lea

  140. sapphirelady says:

    >I voted for #12 Riley!!

  141. >My name is Alex and I voted for #12 Riley!

  142. Anonymous says:

    >This is Chris Guio voting for my niece #12 – Riley! Thanks!

  143. Anonymous says:

    >Robert Daniel Adam voting for #12

  144. >I, Anna Smoltich, am voting for miss Riley #12

  145. Anonymous says:

    >Tiffany Rapp voting for #12 Riley πŸ™‚

  146. Nolan says:

    >#1 Macy is Silly

  147. Cori R says:

    >#1 Macy (Kerri's Daughter)

  148. Wendy C says:

    >#1 Macy, my grandaughter

  149. Don C says:

    >Voting for my gradaughter, Macy #1

  150. Grandpa Mike says:

    >Voting for beautiful Miss Macy #1

  151. Stephaney K says:

    >Miss Macy #1 is #1

  152. >Kerri's Daughter (Macy #1)

  153. Ali says:

    >Voting for #12

  154. >Beautiful and Silly Miss Macy #1

  155. Debbie Frey says:

    >Voting for #6 Finn

  156. Anonymous says:

    >Riley's photo #12 is the cutest! ~ Amanda F

  157. adam says:

    >Voting for #12, Syd, love that your daughter has a monster truck.

  158. Jake says:

    >My cousin Landen

  159. Cindy says:

    >My nephew, Landen #5

  160. Ronald says:

    >I vote for Riley, #12, Sydney's daughter.

  161. Abigail says:

    >I vote for my cousin, Riley, #12.

  162. Malachi M. says:

    >I vote for my little cousin, Riley, #12.

  163. Jane says:

    >Cute, little Landen #5

  164. Ana says:

    >#12 Riley gets my vote!

  165. Anonymous says:

    >Voting for #12 Riley. Quayne Renshaw

  166. Rocio S says:

    >Voting for Riley, picture #12

  167. John says:

    >I'm voting for #5

  168. Desa says:

    >Cute little Landen #5

  169. Brianna says:

    >I'm voting for Landen #5

  170. Julia says:

    >#5 Landen! Good Luck!

  171. Tyler says:

    >LAnden # 5 has my vote!

  172. Tessa says:

    >Baby Landen #5

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