Lucas Weekly : Week 13 {5/16/11-5/22/11}

I have to apologize for being so horrible about updating my Lucas Weekly pictures.  I always have the best intentions of posting once a week, but I seem to be in an epic battle with life and my own laziness.  I’m really trying to get better!!!  I guess I’m just not as cool as I thought I was. 🙂

The picture from this week (which was actually a couple of weeks ago) is one of Lucas with his new favorite toy:  His toothbrush.  Every morning after breakfast, I put him down on the floor and if he sees that his bedroom door his open, he immediately goes in and grabs his toothbrush and chews on it for awhile.  The ex-dental assistant in me loves it!  

Taken 5/19/11

Seth was very excited about this picture.  He worked hard to build a Lucas-sized robot out of mega blocks and it was important to him that I take a picture of Lucas next to it.  ðŸ™‚  (Taken 5/22/11)

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