Lucas Weekly : Week 14 {5/23/11-5/29/11}

This week of Lucas Weekly may as well be titled LUCAS IS WALKING!!!!!  Wahoo!!!!!!  

Taken  5/27/11
And if that pictures isn’t cute enough, I have it video on, too!!  He had only been taking two or three steps to Seth and I for a couple of weeks before this, then I randomly asked him to walk to me from the other end of the porch, and he just got up and did it!  This video is the second time he did it…I wasn’t prepared for the first time since I really didn’t think he’d do it! 
Makes me smile every time.  🙂  After that, I think he realized that he could do it and he started walking without us prompting him to, and doing it more frequently than crawling.  He’s so cute just toddling around!!  
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