Lucas Weekly : Week 26 {8/15/11-8/21/11}

Anyone remember Lucas Weekly???  It kind of fell off the face of the planet when I got pregnant, but now, it’s baaaa-aaaaaaaack!!!  That’s right!! I’ve still been keeping up with it with some much appreciated help from Seth, who picked up the slack when I was going through the dreaded 1st trimester.  I’m actually a little nervous because I haven’t gone through all of the pictures from my last Lucas Weekly post to present, and I think I may have missed a week in there somewhere when I felt like death. :/ Oh well!  It just feels good to get back into it, especially since Lucas will be TWO next month and this project will be over!  AHHHHH!!!!

Seth took the official picture for Week 26.  I took a few that day as well (they’re below), but I just loved the framing of his so much!

Taken 8/21/11
Lucas was VERY excited about the train on our walk. 
I just love him!!
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