Claire & Mason : DeKalb, IL Maternity Photography

Baby belly time! 🙂dekalbilmaternityphotographer_01.jpg













Due Date : May 22nd

Their Story : We met at Knox College.  Mason was a sophomore and I was just starting school.  We met at his fraternity house and started dating a few months later after we became good friends.

Where they’re from and what they doClaire- I’m from DeKalb, IL and I’m a clinical oncology pharmacist at a cancer center in Owensboro, Kentucky. Mason- I’m from Alton, IL and work in Quality Assurance at a meat processing plant.

Perfect date nightWe like to keep it simple – we like to stay home and just spend quality time together – cook dinner together, watch a movie, work on a project – just the two of us.

What they’re havingIf you were to poll the masses – they would say “Boy” but we really don’t know – and will love either one!

CravingsNope – no cravings – I do have a sweet tooth though!  Early on in the pregnancy I did have a food aversion to meat – weird, huh?

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4 Responses to Claire & Mason : DeKalb, IL Maternity Photography

  1. Claire Boomershine says:

    Thank you, Chrissy! We love the pictures!

  2. Cindi Brown says:

    Chrissy, your pictures are wonderful. Since Mason & Claire are more than 4 hours away, we don’t get to see the “baby Belly” as much as we would like. Thank you for posting these!
    Mason’s mom

  3. Donnell says:

    Claire and Mason, We love the pictures. They are beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet Baby Boomershine.

  4. Linda Wilson says:

    These pictures are just precious and show what great feelings. Someday you’ll look back at them and think “Wow”…look what we’ve accomplished together…the perfect family.

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