Vanessa & Greg : Chicago, IL Engagement Photography

Back in March, I was standing outside of Chicago City Hall getting my cameras ready to photograph this elopement when a guy randomly came up to me and asked I if photographed engagement sessions.  I said “of course!” and gave him my card (which I actually rarely have on me, so go me!).  Honestly I didn’t expect to hear from him because getting clients usually isn’t as easy as randomly meeting someone outside of City Hall and giving them my card, but wouldn’t you know, after checking out my work Greg emailed me about a week later to set up a session with him and his fiance, Vanessa.  BOOM.  How awesome is that?!?

These two were so much fun to photograph!!  They fall into the 3% of people who actually enjoy having their picture taken, so they made my job incredibly easy!  chicago-engagmenent-photography_01.jpg

My two favorite times of year to be on Michigan Ave in Chicago: 1. During Christmas with all the lights, and 2. In May when the tulips are blooming.  So beautiful and romantic!chicago-engagmenent-photography_02.jpg


These two are so cute, they matched Greg’s socks to Vanessa’s shoes!chicago-engagmenent-photography_04.jpg






We headed up to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park for the rest of the session.  I can’t believe this place exists in Chicago! chicago-engagmenent-photography_10.jpg






Thank you both for a wonderful time, and I hope your wedding in Cancun in November is AMAZING!!!

How did you meet?                                                                                                                     Greg and I met at a Fundraiser in October, 2009.

What was your first thought when you saw the other person?                                       Greg: I thought she was beautiful, she just took my heart away.                                 Vanessa: I thought he was handsome, loved his beautiful smile! 🙂

What do you like to do together for fun?                                                                                   We love to go to dinner dates, love taking nice walks, go to the beach, dance, go to places we both never been to, spontaneous things! 🙂

Something special:  30years ago our mothers immigrated to the United States together. They are from the same town, they were even neighbors! They lost contact after all these years and Greg and I never knew the story. Incredible! We feel like we were destined to be together! 🙂

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