Tom, Jennifer, & Raylene : DeKalb, IL Family Photography

Remember this cute belly???  Well, sweet little Raylene is here and cute as can be!!!!  She was 6 months when I photographed her back in June, and it was such a pleasure to spend time with this happy little darling!!dekalb-IL-family-session_01 dekalb-IL-family-session_03 dekalb-IL-family-session_04 dekalb-IL-family-session_05 dekalb-IL-family-session_06

Check out those smirks.  Identical!

Tom and Jennifer are already amazing parents!!!  Just look at that giant smile!dekalb-IL-family-session_08

She seriously melts my heart!
dekalb-IL-family-session_09 dekalb-IL-family-session_10 dekalb-IL-family-session_12 dekalb-IL-family-session_13 dekalb-IL-family-session_14 dekalb-IL-family-session_15

Poor Raylene was supposed to nap on the drive here, but she must have been too excited to see me. 😉  By the end of the session, she was pooped, but she was still so cute!! She was a trooper till the end and passed out the second she hit her car seat. 🙂dekalb-IL-family-session_16I love these two!!!!!


Happy Thursday!!!

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