Stephanie & Brett : DeKalb, IL Engagement Photography

I’m so excited to share these images of Stephanie and Brett with you guys! They are an incredibly sweet couple and it was a privilege photographing them back in July.  We started their session at one of my favorite places, the DeKalb Public Library! I’m actually quite jealous that I never thought of doing a session here before because I’ve always thought it was such a beautiful part of our town. Props to Stephanie for the suggestion!dekalbilengagmentphotography_01 dekalbilengagmentphotography_02 dekalbilengagmentphotography_03 dekalbilengagmentphotography_04 dekalbilengagmentphotography_05 dekalbilengagmentphotography_06 dekalbilengagmentphotography_07 dekalbilengagmentphotography_08 dekalbilengagmentphotography_09 When we were finished at the library, we trekked over to DeKalb’s downtown. dekalbilengagmentphotography_10 dekalbilengagmentphotography_11 dekalbilengagmentphotography_12 dekalbilengagmentphotography_13 Their first date was at Eduardo’s. 🙂dekalbilengagmentphotography_14 dekalbilengagmentphotography_15 dekalbilengagmentphotography_16 You should have seen how crazy I got when the train came…you’d have thought I was 3-years-old! I may have actually scared Brett and Stephanie in my excitement. 😉dekalbilengagmentphotography_17Stephanie, you are going to be a GORGEOUS bride this November! I can’t wait!!!!dekalbilengagmentphotography_18


Happy almost Friday!!!

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2 Responses to Stephanie & Brett : DeKalb, IL Engagement Photography

  1. Jen says:

    These are beautiful!

  2. Dana B says:

    Gorgeous pictures of two beautiful people. I miss home now so much.

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