Chad & Elizabeth : Sycamore, IL Engagement Photography

Check out these two cuties!!Β sycamore_engagement_photos_01sycamore_engagement_photos_02 sycamore_engagement_photos_03 sycamore_engagement_photos_04 Adorbs, you guys. Seriously. πŸ˜€sycamore_engagement_photos_05Elizabeth, you’re going to have to share your arm workout because DANG!sycamore_engagement_photos_06 sycamore_engagement_photos_07 sycamore_engagement_photos_08 sycamore_engagement_photos_09

I love this next image because Chad didn’t even blink when I asked if he minded standing in the creek while holding Elizabeth. I always ask before making someone do something weird because I’m not going to make anyone do anything they aren’t comfortable with, and I even got in the creek before them for the shot above. Sometimes people say no, which is totally cool. I think Chad actually took it as a challenge every time I asked him to do something out of the ordinary. I’m shooting their wedding next July, so that should give me some time to cook up something really good for him to do. πŸ˜‰sycamore_engagement_photos_13 sycamore_engagement_photos_10 sycamore_engagement_photos_11 It’s always fun when you try something you don’t normally do and it ends up being FREAKING SWEET. πŸ˜‰sycamore_engagement_photos_12

Congrats again on your engagement!! Can’t wait to work with you both again!!


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20 Responses to Chad & Elizabeth : Sycamore, IL Engagement Photography

  1. Jaime says:

    Chrissy! You have got to be sooooo proud of yourself for these! Holy amazing!! Great work on a GORGEOUS and soooo in love couple!! Wow!

  2. Black and white picture sitting on the bridge?? Super cute!! Love this session!

  3. Shari Marshall says:

    Great looking couple!!! And good job with the pictures!!!

  4. Laura thornburg says:

    Beautiful pictures and couple!

  5. Gisselle says:

    Omg I love these. Super adorable couple. That second to last shot is so romantic! Great job Chrissy!!

  6. kerenKeren says:

    Chrissy…I LOOOOOOOVE these!! They are just gorgeous. That golden silhouette over the bridge?! Love! I would have a hard time picking favorites…seriously…so good!

  7. Emilie says:

    What a great engagement session! Three and eight are my favs!!

  8. mrinaye says:

    the creek image is PERFECT! So beautiful!

  9. Katie D. says:

    omg! That B&W of Chad holding her up?!?! AMAZING! That is hands down my fav! I love them all though, gorgeous work!

  10. Christine says:

    AHHH! That bridge silhouette is unbelievable. These are amazing, seriously amazing, photos. Great job!!!

  11. LOVE THESE! Gorgeous couple! Oh… and all engagement sessions should have dogs in them… just should. πŸ˜‰

  12. Melissa says:

    LOVE!! They are adorable! These are so perfect!!!

  13. Jacqie says:

    Oh wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! LOVE!

  14. Jennifer Crowe says:

    Beautiful!! Love the composition!

  15. JennyBZ says:

    what a beautiful couple! love that they brought the doggies! i think all of my faves happen to be the black and white ones!! beautiful session!

  16. Faye says:

    Love the variety of spots and poses here. What a beautiful couple! Nice light too!

  17. Nicki says:

    These photos are stunning!!! I had a really hard time picking a favorite but I’m obsessed with the black and white one of them sitting on the bridge. Has a very timeless feel to it. Beautiful couple and amazing photos! Awesome awesome job on these!!!!

  18. Micah says:

    Love love LOVE the b&w of them sitting on the bridge! Great work!!

  19. Tsone Boyo says:

    Oh my Lord. The light was perfect for this! I love the one of them on the arched bridge!

  20. Megan says:

    I’m lovin these photos. The sky is stellar. I love a couple ready for anything.

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