Brett, Kim, Halle, & Clayton | Sycamore, IL Family Photography

I love this family so much and am so thankful I was able to photograph Brett and Kim with their two precious little cuties!! I met Kim a couple of years ago through a Bible study and she has been a constant source encouragement in my life ever since. It such a joy to watch their sweet family grow.sycamore_IL_family_photography_01sycamore_IL_family_photography_02sycamore_IL_family_photography_03 Apparently this is how Halle tells secrets. 😉sycamore_IL_family_photography_04 sycamore_IL_family_photography_05 sycamore_IL_family_photography_06 sycamore_IL_family_photography_07 sycamore_IL_family_photography_08 Oh how I love this one!!sycamore_IL_family_photography_09 Little Clay with his two mommies. 😉sycamore_IL_family_photography_10 sycamore_IL_family_photography_11 Kim, you are such a beautiful momma!!sycamore_IL_family_photography_12 sycamore_IL_family_photography_13 sycamore_IL_family_photography_14My heart is literally melting over here!!
sycamore_IL_family_photography_15 We asked permission for Halle to jump on the bed…Mommy allowed it just this once and she was certainly enjoying herself. 😉sycamore_IL_family_photography_16 sycamore_IL_family_photography_17 sycamore_IL_family_photography_18 sycamore_IL_family_photography_19 sycamore_IL_family_photography_20

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13 Responses to Brett, Kim, Halle, & Clayton | Sycamore, IL Family Photography

  1. Kate says:

    So SO beautiful! I love that you caught the “telling secrets” moment. That will be such a priceless memory down the road. I imagine them pulling it out when she’s 18 & graduating, or 25 & getting married or 30 & having her own babies to tell that story over and over. Without the photo though, it easily becomes one of those things we think “we’ll never forget” that we forget. Oh man…I’m getting teary eyed thinking about that!

  2. Laura says:

    Aww, such wonderful moments!! I *love* the photo of Halle giving her baby brother kisses – so sweet! 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    The lighting in this is so yummy! Love those golden curls, and that sweet baby!
    I’m going to start telling secrets like that 🙂

  4. Nicki says:

    these photos are beautiful! you captured everyone’s personalities so well. Clay is such a cutie and Halle looks like she’s going to be the best big sister ever! Great job on these!!!

  5. Kate Borgelt says:

    SUCH! a great session! WOW! Loved the telling secrets shot and the one of the family together…. b/w in the chair is just perfect! So many wonderful memories to treasure! Awesome!

  6. Nichole says:

    I love me a lifestyle family session! SO great to see them in their own home life. The pics of the little girl on the bed are so full of life and joy! Awesome!

  7. Kellie Penn says:

    Chrissy! These are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the telling secrets photo…what a fun detail to remember for years to come!

  8. Jen Crowe says:

    Beautiful family! Love the one where they are telling secrets! So adorable!

  9. Tsone Boyo says:

    I LOVE the 4th photo… my absolute fave!

  10. Destinee says:

    I love these images! What a treasure! Love the “secrets” too. But that second family image with Halle out front stealing the show- my favorite! Great work!

  11. What a sweet family! Those curls are to die for!!! Beautiful images!

  12. Megan says:

    These are so much fun. The curls, her personality. The individual shows of parents with kiddos. I can’t pick a fav. What a beautiful family.

  13. carol Legro says:

    Just love that U all Love my daughter, I love that WHOLE family!!! Prayers DAILY!!!

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