John & Gillian | Rockford, IL Wedding Photography

I’m so excited to share John and Gillian’s May wedding with you all! I gotta say, I’m pretty darn proud of these images. Partly because this wedding was absolute EYE CANDY, but also because I captured some of my favorite wedding images to date!
rockford_IL_wedding_photography_02 See that bouquet?? It’s made of paper. That’s right! Gillian spent the entire year leading up to her wedding making hundreds of origami flowers and cranes to decorate her wedding day with. I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was!rockford_IL_wedding_photography_03 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_05 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_06 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_07 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_08 Meanwhile, John was lookin’ all dapper. (Huge thanks to Gisselle for helping me out with this wedding, and for getting this image!)rockford_IL_wedding_photography_01 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_11 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_12 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_13 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_14 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_15 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_16 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_17 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_18 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_19 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_20 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_21 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_22 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_23 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_25 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_26 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_27 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_28 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_29 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_30 Check out those cranes!!rockford_IL_wedding_photography_04 So much pretty happening here.rockford_IL_wedding_photography_10 Gillian’s father gave such a sweet toast. rockford_IL_wedding_photography_31 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_32 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_33 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_34 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_35 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_36 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_37 rockford_IL_wedding_photography_38 I love this image of Gillian and her mom!!rockford_IL_wedding_photography_39

John & Gillian | Married May 3, 2014 | Rockford, IL

Hair and Makeup: Gillian did her own hair and makeup!
Florist: Gillian made all of the origami flowers (and cranes!)
Dress: Whirling Turban
Ceremony site: University Club of Rockford
Reception Venue: University Club of Rockford
Caterer: University Club of Rockford
Cake: n/a
DJ: Dance Floor Heroes Madison, WI

If you could, is there anything you would have done differently?
Maybe would have purchased red lipstick that doesn’t “kiss off”–I made John look like a clown after our first kiss as husband & wife!

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
Do what makes YOU happy because this is YOUR day! We picked the food we liked, the music we liked, and wore the clothes we liked–not what other people would have chosen for us, and not necessarily what is considered “traditional”. We had so many people tell us it was one of the most fun weddings they’ve ever been to, which is a huge compliment!

Where did/will you go on your honeymoon?
We have two special needs dogs and it was our first time away from them, so we are planning our honeymoon at a later date. We’re thinking about a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina (it’s our favorite place).

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
Take time to be with your new husband (or wife). Everyone gave that advice to me, and I didn’t understand what they meant until it was too late — you get pulled in so many directions that you don’t really get to hang out with each other at all!

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24 Responses to John & Gillian | Rockford, IL Wedding Photography

  1. OOOOHMG. I’m in love with everything about this wedding. Those two shots of them in the alley made me swoon. Fantastic work!

  2. JennyBZ says:

    omg her dress!!!! looked pretty on the hanger but on her was absolutely stunning! she is just the perfect hollywood pin up bride! and holy handsome groom too! i’m obsessed w her gorgeous bouquet and totally impressed by it too! LOVE all the origami swans and the candy bar! beautiful wedding! beautiful job!

  3. Kate Borgelt says:

    I love your work. I just love your work! and this bride… GAH! she is amazing! She looks soooo incredible and is rockin! that green dress! So perfect!

  4. Lindsay Hill-Batorski says:

    I just love these two! You captured their spirit perfectly! Well done Chrissy… and Congrats to John and Gillian!!!! xoxo

  5. Abbey Kline says:

    What an awesome wedding!!! Man that origami is just super impressive. My favorite is the b&w right after the ceremony – that’s bliss right there!

  6. Jen says:

    WOW! These are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brooke says:

    The origami flower bouquets and cranes at the reception are so awesome! The bride totally rocked that lovely green dress! Love the 2nd picture of the couple! Such a beautiful wedding!

  8. Shannon says:

    OBSESSSSSSSSED this wedding. That dress?!?! INCREDIBLE. her whole look and the design of this wedding is outstanding. Love the cranes and flower bouquet! You should be SO proud of these images!!

  9. Danielle says:

    What an incredibly unique and beautiful wedding! They couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! These images are so striking!

  10. Loved this whole wedding from start to finish! But those portraits?! Beauuuuutiful! High fives friend! 😀

  11. Julina says:

    How fun is this couple!!!!! Love the images in the alley!!! Perfection!

  12. Katie D. says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm YES! This is the raddest wedding ever! I love her dress, her style, the whole wedding and of course how ridiculously in love this couple is!!!!!!! Man oh man I cant choose a fav! SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wilbur says:

    OMG!!! She looks so graceful. I love seeing people not use white wedding gowns. Its refreshing to see different things. AMAZING!!!

  14. Rachel says:

    These. Are. Amazing. That dress, first of all – so awesome! But all of these shots are bang on! So perfect!

  15. Megan D says:

    Oh man!!! This wedding is GORGEOUS!!!! The details are amazing…origami flowers and cranes?!? JOB WELL DONE GILLIAN!!!! Chrissy, you did an outstanding job capturing this wedding!!! I’m in-love with your images! Their portraits are stunning!! Wonderful job friend!!

  16. Tsone Boyo says:

    I really like her style. Your processing is amazing! My favorite is the Black and White of them on the grass!

  17. jessica says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful dress. Your work is amazing!

  18. Micah says:

    What a fun, beautiful couple! Great work capturing everything unique about their wedding!

  19. mrinaye says:

    What a unique wedding! Those ally shots are SPECTACULAR! Love it.

  20. Jacqie Mason says:

    HELLO, Gorgeousness! Beautiful portraits of a beautiful wedding.

  21. WOW, WOW, WOW! I am in love with all of it. Beautiful couple and Beautiful images! That emerald green dress? AMAZING!

  22. Megan says:

    Wow. These are so unique. Gorgeous. Love the portraits. Stunning. Beautiful job.

  23. Melissa says:

    Wow…just….I don’t even know what to say!! I LOVE how unique this wedding is, and Gillian is such a stunner!! Gorgeous on every level!! You SHOULD be proud!! Amazing!!

  24. Nicki says:

    LOVE this wedding! Totally obsessed with the green dress. Those portraits in the alley are stunning! You did an amazing job on this wedding!

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