Dave & Linnea | Blumen Gardens Wedding Photography

They met at a karaoke bar in Chicago because of a shared love of “Africa” by Toto. Linnea and Dave were sitting at tables next to each other when the song came on and they both exclaimed, “I love this song!” They’ve been together ever since, and Seth and I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding back in May!
blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_01 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_02 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_10 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_03 Love that tie pin!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_04 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_05 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_06 Dave was so sweet during their first look!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_07 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_08 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_09 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_11 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_12 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_13 Married!!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_14 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_15These peeps were a fun bunch! Lots and lots of laughter with this group!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_17 My favorite from the day! blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_18 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_19 I’ve photographed a lot of Father-of-the-bride speeches, and I have to say that Linnea’s dad’s speech was one that won’t be topped for along time, if ever. He wrote a haiku, a limerick, and an epic poem. At first, it was sweet, but seemed kind of random. By the time he had finished, however, he had woven each part into this amazing and beautiful story about Linnea and Dave. There was laughing, crying, and cheering. I wish I had a recording of it for you all because it was really incredible!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_20 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_21 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_22It would have been silliness if Linnea and Dave hadn’t danced their first dance to “Africa”! Everyone was singing along! It was perfection. blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_23Just look at how happy her dad is!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_30 So many fun moments during the reception!blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_24 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_25 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_26 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_27 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_29 blumen_gardens_wedding_photography_31

Dave & Linnea | Married May 16, 2014 | DeKalb, IL

Hair and Makeup: Dolce Vita Salon, Sycamore, IL
Florist: Flowers by Frank, Sycamore, IL
Dress: Maggie Sottero, Eva’s Bridal of Oak Lawn
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Various
Suits: Various
Ceremony site: First Lutheran Church, DeKalb, IL
Reception Venue: Blumen Gardens, Sycamore, IL
Caterer: Inboden’s, DeKalb, IL
Cake: Dolly Yerly, Steward, IL
Bar: MVP Sports Bar, Sycamore,IL
DJ: Fun Fun Fun DJ, Orland Park, IL

What’s your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Sharing our vows together, our first dance circled around by all of our guests singing along, father of the bride speech.

If you could, is there anything you would have done differently?
Allowed more time in between the ceremony and reception for pictures.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
We pre-arranged friends and family to help with details prior to the day. That way we didn’t need to worry about anything and could enjoy each moment.
We also really enjoyed doing a “first-look” and photos at the church before the ceremony. It was time saving and also allowed us to share a special moment alone before walking down the aisle.

Where did/will you go on your honeymoon?
Italy and Croatia

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
Thank you Chrissy and Seth for being our photographers. You helped keep us calm in what could have been a very stressful day. Snow in May means good luck, right?

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14 Responses to Dave & Linnea | Blumen Gardens Wedding Photography

  1. Nicole says:

    What a sweet couple! Love the dancing photos – looks like such a fun party! Great stuff!

  2. Molly says:

    The story of how they met is so adorable, and I LOVE that they danced to the song that caused them to meet. Your favorite is definitely mine, Chrissy! Beautiful images; you did a great job capturing this day. 😀

  3. a pink tie with a gingham shirt?! I’M IN LOVE! But the story of how they met definitely takes the cake!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations again Linnea!

  5. JennyBZ says:

    Oh I’m dying over the how they met story!! Love her dress, she reminds me of a ballerina! Love their first look too!! Nice work!!

  6. Faye says:

    Such a lovely wedding! i HEART that song and karaoke! These two are adorable and I love the father daughter dance too. Congrats and best wishes to Dave and Linnea!!!!!!

  7. kim says:

    So pretty! What a great story too!!

  8. Megan D says:

    Those first look photos!!!! I love them!!! You did such a great job capturing the emotion of their day! Awesome job!!

  9. shannon says:

    these are FANTASTIC!!! i love everything about them….and madly in love with the pops of pink on the guys!!! love love love this wedding.

  10. Jen Crowe says:

    What a beautiful wedding. You did an amazing job capturing it!

  11. Dawn says:

    First of all, I just have to say, that tie clip is so cool! Love the ceremony photos and the ones of the couple – so sweet and so in love! You captured such a wonderful day so perfectly!

  12. Micah says:

    What a party!! I love how in love this couple is! Great job all around!

  13. These are AWESOME!!! The fun times shine through, but I am not surprised considering that only awesome people would have “Africa” as their first dance song! Great Job!

  14. Nicki says:

    I LOVE that first look!!! So sweet! This is such a beautiful wedding! Love the colors, the dress, the flowers everything! The story of how they met is just awesome. You did a great job capturing this couples special day!!

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