Craig & Liz | Sugar Grove, IL Couple Photography

The thing I hear most frequently from people before their session is that they aren’t good at acting natural in front of the camera, or that they aren’t photogenic. Honestly (and no offense meant), most people aren’t!! Having your picture taken by a professional is weird! I’ve been photographed a couple of times, and I can also attest to those feelings of nervousness and terror that come along with preparing for a session. It’s rare that someone actually enjoys having their picture taken. And those people usually make a profession out of it. For the rest of us, we need help. My goal during a session is to make the process as easy as possible on ya’ll. I try to make it fun, mostly at the expense of myself, but, hey, if people are laughing, who cares if it’s because it’s at me and not with me, right? I embarrassed myself a few times with Liz and Craig, but it’s all good. They are smiling naturally and look relaxed, so I call it a win!

Anyways, on to the pictures! Liz is my younger sister! Check out how cute her and her boyfriend Craig are!! sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_01 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_02 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_04 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_05 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_06 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_07 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_08

See?!?! They think I’m hilarious!
sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_09 sugar_grove_IL_engagement_photography_10So the moral of the story is, don’t let your fears about having your picture taken keep you from documenting your life. Now let’s grab the guitar for some Kumbaya around the fire. 😉

Happy Wednesday!!!

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18 Responses to Craig & Liz | Sugar Grove, IL Couple Photography

  1. stephanie says:

    I love woodland sessions!! they are really cute together and these are great images!!! 🙂 awesome job friend!!! 🙂

  2. kim says:

    They are so cute together! Such a pretty area you chose! Love the one of them where they are tiny with the forest around them!

  3. JennyBZ says:

    They’re so cute!! That second black and white is definitely my favorite!!

  4. Tammy says:

    They are so cute together. Beautiful location and photos!

  5. shannon says:

    what a wonderful location…so cozy! these photos are simply beautiful!! so much real and wonderful emotion/love that you captured between them!

  6. Laura says:

    Awww, they look super happy and comfortable in front of the camera!! I love that second one showing off the super tall trees, and the one a couple down from that sitting on the leafy ground – such a magical-looking location!

  7. Rachel says:

    These are adorable! The laughing ones are so, so perfect! My faves!

  8. Zach and Sarah says:

    So cute…these images AND the people! Great job capturing them!

  9. mrinaye says:

    That second horizontal black and white one is PERFECT. Love love LOVE it. Beautiful job photographing these two!

  10. Megan D says:

    This location is beautiful and so is this couple!! Love that second shot!! Great job!

  11. I love every single one! Seriously so much happiness in every image!

  12. Abbey Kline says:

    Awe they are so adorable! I love the last photo – so cute!

  13. Jen Crowe says:

    Looks like they had a blast! What a great, fun session!

  14. Dawn says:

    What a fun session! I love the location and all the natural smiles!

  15. Laura says:

    So cute!!! Great work!

  16. These are great! That 4th one is my favorite! Good work!

  17. Such a gorgeous setting! Love that last image!!

  18. Nicki says:

    So adorable!! These photos are beautiful! Love all the genuine smiles in these. You did on awesome job!

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