Zach & Sarah | Ellwood-Nehring House, DeKalb, IL Wedding Photography

Eeeeek!!! I’m so excited about this wedding!! Zach is a good friend of ours, and I was so honored to photograph him as he married his love, Sarah!!! It was such a wonderful, intimate day, and it was truly a privilege to be a part of it!ellwood_house_wedding_photography_01 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_02Sarah’s Aunt Maureen is one of the sweetest people out there.
ellwood_house_wedding_photography_03Sarah, you’re so pretty!
ellwood_house_wedding_photography_04 Their First Look was beautiful. Just look at the anticipation on Zach’s face!! ellwood_house_wedding_photography_05 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_06(Full disclosure: I cried. 😉 ) ellwood_house_wedding_photography_08 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_07 It was cold. Cooooooooold. They were amazing. ellwood_house_wedding_photography_09 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_10 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_11Love me some tall trees!
ellwood_house_wedding_photography_12 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_13I knew when I took the image below it was going to be my fave. I love when I prove myself right.
ellwood_house_wedding_photography_14 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_15 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_16The Ellwood-Nehring House on the Ellwood House grounds was the perfect setting for their intimate ceremony! Zach’s mom, Lynn, and her outstanding crew had about an hour (maybe less?) to set all of this up. I’m in awe of how incredible it turned out!! (Fun Fact: This historic house was only just recently opened up to the public, so their’s was the first wedding in it outside of the Ellwood family. How cool is that?!?) ellwood_house_wedding_photography_17 Also, how AMAZING is that willow branch arrangement?? DeKalb Florist really outdid themselves!!ellwood_house_wedding_photography_34Sarah’s brother Joe walked her down the aisle. ellwood_house_wedding_photography_18 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_19 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_20 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_21 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_22 Married!!!ellwood_house_wedding_photography_23 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_24 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_25 So many beautiful moments during the reception. ellwood_house_wedding_photography_26 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_27ellwood_house_wedding_photography_28 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_29ellwood_house_wedding_photography_33 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_31 ellwood_house_wedding_photography_30Love you two so much!! Thanks for a great end to 2014!!

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11 Responses to Zach & Sarah | Ellwood-Nehring House, DeKalb, IL Wedding Photography

  1. erin says:

    What a beautiful wedding! The photos of the bride and groom by the windows are goooooorgeous!

  2. tina says:

    That First Look? Perfection…the range of emotions you captured is so awesome! Love them-love all the LOVE that shines through these images! Bravo!

  3. Ben says:

    What a beautiful intimate wedding. Great job on the photos!

  4. Maureen Gudenau says:

    Chrissy! Wonderful photos of my favorite couple! You are so talented! The First Look is amazing!

  5. Kristine B says:

    Love this wedding! The getting ready shots, the groom’s reaction, the portraits! So great!

  6. Natalie says:

    Oh my goodness, just when I thought I picked my favorite a new one came along. The portraits are all so beautiful but I think the field is the winner! SO BEAUTIFUL! Great job 🙂

  7. Tsone Boyo says:

    Is it weird that their first look got me all giddy over here??? That photo of their foreheads together right after is absolutely PERFECT!!!

  8. mrinaye says:

    Seriously… your favorite image = my favorite image… so so so so goooooood!!!!! What a sweet couple!

  9. Julina Sabo says:

    those bride and groom portraits are the best EVER!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    Chrissy!! YOU ROCKED THIS WEDDING!!! Beautiful light in the bridal suite…the first look…OMG!! the first look!!! The portraits are beyond lovely, and the rest of the day is so beautiful! I love how you told their story!!

  11. I love them all! Beautiful work friend!

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