The Ellwood House, DeKalb, IL Family Photography | Jordan, Samantha, Olivia, & William

This is my THIRD time photographing this team (2012, 2013)! They’ve added another member since our last time together. Meet Mr. William, who just turned one! dekalb_IL_family_photographer_1.jpg
Olivia’s an old pro by this point. 😉 She was very proud of her jelly shoes. I’m pretty sure I had that exact pair when I was her age. dekalb_IL_family_photographer_2.jpg
The whole fam. Fun fact: Jordan and Sam had their wedding pictures taken at the Ellwood House. Some of them in this exact spot!!dekalb_IL_family_photographer_10.jpg
Jordan is such a good daddy. dekalb_IL_family_photographer_11.jpg
This is real life, people. Trying to contain a one-year-old who just started walking is tough stuff! dekalb_IL_family_photographer_12.jpg
William’s face! Haha! Again, real life, my friends! dekalb_IL_family_photographer_17.jpg
I just love this one of Sam and Olivia!! dekalb_IL_family_photographer_19.jpg
Ending with my favorite. 😀dekalb_IL_family_photographer_14.jpg

Thanks again, you guys! As always, it was a pleasure photographing your beautiful family!!

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15 Responses to The Ellwood House, DeKalb, IL Family Photography | Jordan, Samantha, Olivia, & William

  1. mrinaye says:

    Aww, these are so sweet! Especially love those individuals of the kiddos on the brick floor. Beautiful work!

  2. Angie says:

    What a beautiful family session! Love the mix of real life ones thrown in there.

  3. Kristine B says:

    What a beautiful session! I LOVE the photo of dad kissing Olivia – way to sweet!!

  4. Those.blond.curls. I just can’t take the cuteness of those two kiddos. What a gorgeous family and great images!

  5. Justina says:

    Totally adorable! Great photographs!

  6. This is our third session with Chrissy. She does such a great job we will keep coming back for years to come. You can check out the earlier session in the links she provided. Thank you all for the comments about the beautiful children. They are both precious gifts and Chrissy seems to have a way of capturing that.

  7. Jenny Rawson says:

    Wow, what a sweet family! My favorite is the father-daughter shot with her adorable smile. These are beautiful, Chrissy!

  8. Megan D says:

    These babies are so gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful family! You captured so much happiness! Awesome job!

  9. Julina says:

    Love the location!!!! Those little ones are just too cute! Beautiful work!!

  10. You are SO good at photographing real life! Love to you!

  11. Micah says:

    These photos are sooo perfect! You did a great job capturing this beautiful family, but you also captured real life for them right now! They will be able to look back and remember this point in their lives for years to come. Great work!

  12. erin s says:

    Such an adorable family and what a cool location! Love these!

  13. keren says:

    what a fun location for your shoot! I love the shot of dad holding up his son. Such an adorable family! Great job!

  14. Gisselle says:

    Chrissy, these are beautiful!! I love your family photography!

  15. Caitlynn says:

    What a cute family! My favorites…the b/w of the two kiddos sitting on the ground, dad holding up his son, and the b/w of the whole family! They are adorable!

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