Kirkland, IL Family Photography | Mike, Dana, & Owen

I love me a good family session, and this one with fellow photographer Dana Chaplin and her family did not disappoint!! We had a blast exploring MacQueen Forest Preserve in Kirkland, and Owen and I were best buds by the time we were done!kirkland_IL_family_photographer_001.jpg
I mean, how cute is this??kirkland_IL_family_photographer_003.jpg
And right there you can see a little hint of Dana’s baby bump. Don’t worry, there’s more! Just keep scrolling!kirkland_IL_family_photographer_007.jpg
My favorite!!kirkland_IL_family_photographer_009.jpg
In my house, we call dandelions “wishes.” Owen loved the wishes. 😀kirkland_IL_family_photographer_010.jpg
Ahhhh, so beautiful, Dana!!kirkland_IL_family_photographer_013.jpg
Owen and I walked all the way down that path together hand-in-hand after the next two images. We’re BFF’s. ❤kirkland_IL_family_photographer_016.jpg
We headed across the street from the forest preserve because I just can’t resist a field during golden hour. kirkland_IL_family_photographer_020.jpg
Second fave. kirkland_IL_family_photographer_021.jpg

Thanks again for a great evening!

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12 Responses to Kirkland, IL Family Photography | Mike, Dana, & Owen

  1. Megan D says:

    This family is adorable!! Love the locations! Such happiness in these images! Great job!

  2. mrinaye says:

    What a fun family! And I’m sort of in love with every black and white in this session. Gorgeous.

  3. Kristine B says:

    So many lovely expressions! And what a gorgeous momma! Beautiful session

  4. Jenny Rawson says:

    These are beautiful. There’s something so special about family/maternity shoots. I love that little preview of what’s to come. Great job capturing so much of their love for each other in one session!

  5. Beautiful light… beautiful family…. beautiful photography! Love them all!

  6. Caitlynn says:

    Awe, what fun! These are great! Congrats to this momma! The one with son and mom holding flowers…that one’s tugging at my heart. Love these.

  7. Micah says:

    Family sessions “on a mission” are the BEST when the kids are this age! And you did a great job making them all feel comfortable while capturing some awesome images! Great work!

  8. Angie says:

    Love these!! Gorgeous light and beautiful family!

  9. I’m in love with that sweet little blonde headed boy! AND he’s going to be a big brother, soooo great! Beautiful images Chrissy!!

  10. erin s says:

    What a gorgeous family! This session is really perfection!

  11. Gisselle says:

    oh my gosh these are precious!! The field ones are my favorite! What an adorable family!

  12. Julina says:

    I mean, I can’t stop looking at these! They are just GORGEOUS! love the images of mom and dad swinging the little guy! BEAUTIFUL WORK!

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