Bloomington-Normal, IL Wedding Photography | Scott & Sharon

Remember Scott and Sharon’s ridiculously good-looking engagement session? Well, now it’s time for their ridiculously good-looking wedding!!bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0111.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0112.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0113.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0114.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0115.jpg
GAH! You’re STUNNING, Sharon!!bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0086.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0110.jpg
It rained alllllllll day, which meant that all the pretty outdoor locations we had planned for pictures were thrown out the window. So we improvised. First look in the hotel room? You you know it! Also, how dapper is Scott??? bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0081.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0082.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0083.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0084.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0085.jpg
The rain scaled back to a drizzle, so we chanced one of our outdoor locations, whiiiiiiiiich ended up being flooded. Doh! Whatevs, this team was amazing, so we made it work. bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0087.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0088.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0090.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0091.jpg
P.S. I ALWAYS bring these clear bubble umbrellas with me, even if there’s a 0% chance of rain because Midwest weather does weird things. As long as it’s safe and not downpouring, I try to encourage couples to get outside, even if it’s just for a couple minutes. I’m so thankful that Scott and Sharon (and their wedding party!) embraced their rainy day! I mean, this image? BOOM!bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0089.jpg
Wedding time!bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0092.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0093.jpg
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0094.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0095.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0096.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0097.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0098.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0099.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0100.jpgPartay bus!
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0101.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0102.jpgMore improvising in the lobby of the Bloomington-Normal Marriott!
bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0103.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0104.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0105.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0106.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0107.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0108.jpg bloomington normal IL wedding photography_0109.jpg

Congrats again, you two!! Thank you so much for being amazing and rolling with the crazy weather!! 😀

Special thanks to Danny Williams for second shooting this wedding with me!

Hair and Makeup: Audrey Tunis from Chicago Makeup and Hair Professionals
Florist: Forget Me Not Flowers
Dress: A L’Amour in Barrington — closed June 2014 (got the dress for a steal!)
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: All over — they picked their own! J. Crew, Macy’s, Nordstrom,
Suits: Jos. A. Bank
Ceremony site: Wesley United Methodist Church
Reception Venue: Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
Caterer: Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
Cake: Sugar Mama Bakery
Band: Hey Jimmy!
Videographer: Wedding Masterpiece Films

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Every moment was our favorite! Ultimately, we just loved being surrounded by the people we love most as we celebrated our marriage.

If you could, is there anything you would have done differently?
We had hoped to formally greet every guest after we had finished our last course of dinner (we were served first for each course, so had a little bit of a head start). The timing didn’t quite work out, so we only made it a couple of the tables before the dancing began. If we could go back, we would have likely opted to dismiss by pew or have a receiving line at the church right after the ceremony. We didn’t do this initially because we were wanting to keep things moving for family and formal bridal party pictures.

Best piece of advice for brides and grooms?
This is a very special day! You will be pulled in a million (amazing) directions by family & friends throughout it…try to savor every moment! If you can, spend some time alone with just you and your husband/wife. We are so glad we did a “first look” as that offered us a few moments together alone. We also opted for a sweetheart table at the reception–it was nice to share our first married meal there, plus we had such a lovely view of the whole room filled with all of our loved ones. What a magnificent sight that was!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We visited the island of St. Lucia!

Anything else you’d like to say about your wedding day?
It was the best day of our lives!! We are so glad we invested in a fabulous photographer and videographer to capture it all!

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14 Responses to Bloomington-Normal, IL Wedding Photography | Scott & Sharon

  1. Kristine B says:

    Love that they rolled with the rain! It is clearly totally worth it. Beautiful images! Love the umbrella shots!!

  2. Rachel says:

    These are so GOOD!!! Gosh, you can rock the rainy weather!

  3. tina says:

    Beautiful! The rain added a beautiful unique touch to a joyful day! The love and emotion shows through every image! Great idea to have those awesome dome umbrellas on hand for just such and occasion! Love it!

  4. stephanie says:

    absolutely stunning Chrissy!!! 🙂 🙂 high fives friend!!! 🙂

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous bride! I love the umbrella shots…kinda makes me glad it rained!

  6. Caitlynn says:

    This couple is gorgeous! I LOVE how you, the bride & groom, and the whole wedding party totally ROCKED the rainy weather! Those umbrella images are perfect. Love their first look images as well. They seem so sweet. Congrats to the bride and groom!

  7. erin542 says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous! You totally rocked this wedding! Fantastic job 🙂

  8. shannon says:

    i secretly love rainy weddings….nothing beats an incredible umbrella shot and you nailed it!!
    what a gorgeous bride!!

  9. Gisselle says:

    Beautiful images!!! Love how they just rolled with the rain! Such a sweet couple! Great job at capturing their day so beautifully!

  10. lauren says:

    Is it bad to say hallelujah for the rain? Cause these are just PERFECT rainy wedding day photographs. You seriously rocked it girl! Love them all!

  11. Megan D says:

    I LOVE the umbrella portrait of the B&G!!! Soooo awesome! Way to make it work! Gorgeous images of a beautiful couple and day!!

  12. WHOA!!!! What troopers! You made shooting in the rain look easy! Beautiful images Chrissy!!!!

  13. Julina says:

    These images are AMAZING!!!!! Love their first look!!!

  14. Jacqie Mason says:

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that one of her in front of the window! Wowza!

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