Shabbona Lake State Park Senior Photography | Ryan

I had a wonderful time exploring Shabbona Lake State Park with Ryan last month! He’s a senior at Indian Creek High School and will be graduating this Spring! dekalb_senior_photography_0001.jpg
Ryan love basketball, so it only made sense to include a ball in his photos. dekalb_senior_photography_0007.jpg
dekalb_senior_photography_0008.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0009.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0010.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0011.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0012.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0013.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0014.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0015.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0016.jpg dekalb_senior_photography_0017.jpg

Have a great senior year, Ryan!!

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13 Responses to Shabbona Lake State Park Senior Photography | Ryan

  1. jennyrawson says:

    I love all the basketball photos! Ryan, you rocked these. Nice work!

  2. lauren says:

    Whoa! These are fantastic – what a good looking guy. I love these photographs of him, especially the basketball ones!

  3. Zach and Sarah says:

    Awesome! These are all great, and I love the locations. You can tell that he is in his element with a basketball in his hands!

  4. shannon says:

    what a great session!! very handsome young man. really loving the basketball shots! you did such a great job with these photos!

  5. Kristine B says:

    What a handsome guy! I love how the sun is streaming in and every shot reflects is personality!

  6. mrinaye says:

    These are cool. Especially that one right next to the water. Love the light in that image!

  7. to cool! love the basketball images, you can tell he is a good ball handler with those! Too cool! great work!

  8. Caitlynn says:

    Handsome guy! These are awesome. I especially love both black and whites of him with the basketball. Congrats, Ryan!

  9. What a good looking young man! Love the basketball series… Beautiful images as always friend!

  10. Natalie says:

    Fabuous job! My favorite is that very last shot for sure! What a handsome guy!

  11. Julina says:

    Chrissy!!! You totally nailed this session!!! Such a good looking subject you have too!!! Love these!!

  12. erin s says:

    Ryan is so cute! He’s got that GQ look down! Love these!

  13. Katie D says:

    Ryan, youre one photogenic dude!!!! Way to rock out the basketball!

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